Bämeräng is a fast paced boomerang duelling game. Two players fight over shiny coins on a plateau over the desert of a colorful world.

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Aaron Abt
Game Design, Programming, Sound FX
Tim Bürge
Game Design, Visual Development, Illustration, Animation


NIRAL is a Point-and-Click Drag-and-Drop-Adventure set in a bizarre world that is home to four peculiar tribes that don't really like each other. Equipped with a bag that is perfectly sized to abduct up to three people, the player tries to get them to work together and earn their respect.

Aaron Abt
Tom Barylov
Olga Brykina
Tim Bürge
Viviane Christen
Oliver Detig
Moritz Dreier
Benjamin Gilli
Anna Hegyaljai
David Hunziger
Chris Elvis Leisi
Alexandra Martin
Oliver Sahli
Leander Schneeberger
Basil Sutter
Ava Thalheim
Larissa Wild
Own Role
Game Mechanics, Visual Assets, Assembling in Unity


Annäherungsentfremdung is an experimental Unity prototype, in which the objects in the world are getting distorted as they are approached.



Taube is a concept and a prototype for a first-person pigeon game inspired by frogger.


Visual Prototypes

Three visual styles that I developed for a school assignment.